About the Artist

Sondra Hersh is a Northern California artist who paints abstract expressionist works using acrylics, prisma color pencils, collage and other mediums. They reflect her spirituality, creative freedom, joy, inner visions, playfulness and a commitment to her art. Sondra's spirituality, humanity and passion are abundantly evident in her works. The creative process represented in her art is the culmination of her years of study in alternative methods for self-awareness and healing. Although her works offer a lot of color and surface they are about and what's beneath the surface, spirit and passion. That is what she wants to share.

Sondra has studied privately with many fine artists ; Queens College N.Y.; U.C.L.A. and has taught art for many years. Private collectors have acquired her work for the past sixteen years.

"I feel that I was born to be an artist, and my work grows out of my life. I use uniquely shaped canvas, acrylics, prisma color pencils, collage and other mediums to create abstract expressionist art that expresses my joy in life and my belief in the unconditional love at the heart of the universe. I cannot separate my life from my art; most visual experiences inspire me, and the work flows through me in response."